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We Are the Perfect Solution for Your Business

MIT (Global) Consulting Group, Inc. consists of a results-driven, highly qualified team of experts specializing in human rights and other labour laws, mediating and resolving issues, investigating human rights complaints to uncover the truth, training and other services. Our expert team of mediators, investigators, trainers and consultants work with institutions, organizations and companies to implement updated policies, practices and process designed to improve workplace cultures and ensuring that workplaces are compliant with human rights and labour laws.   

Our Mission

At MIT, we provide services that are

  • Tailored to clients’ needs
  • Alternatives to lengthy and costly litigation
  • Transparent and informed by facts and evidence
  • Efficient and results-driven

At MIT, we are committed to excellence, integrity and confidentiality.

Why Choose MIT (Global) Consulting Group, Inc.

Solid Experience

Over ten years experience performing mediation, investigations and training; successfully assisting government, private and public industry in managing their business problems.

Creative Solutions

We think outside the box to assist parties in resolving issues quickly and cost effectively while preserving valuable relationships and allowing parties to move forward positively.

We Deliver Results

MIT (Global) Consulting Group, Inc. delivers results. We utilize the vast expertise of our team to implement solutions that achieve lasting, sustainable results.


Who We Serve

Our clients include the public and private sectors, governments, unions, Fortune 500 companies, and medium and small companies. We provide effective and updated solutions to our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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