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Jewel Amoah

Dr. Jewel Amoah (Jewel) is a Canadian - Trinidadian human rights lawyer, activist, and academic.  She is eminently qualified and experienced in the field of human rights and conducting workplace investigations. As a human rights practitioner, consultant and investigator with MIT, Jewel is dedicated to advancing and promoting human rights and equality for all. She conducts this work with the highest regard for due process, procedural fairness, confidentiality, neutrality , and free of biases and any form of discrimination. The foregoing principles are centered in her human rights and workplace investigative work and guide her professional legal career.

Jewel’s doctoral dissertation examined the impact of intersecting identities on the attainment of equality. She developed an analytical tool, GRACE, to demonstrate how the intersection of gender, race, age and culture impact 

access to equality rights for girls subject to customary law in South Africa.

Jewel has facilitated organizational change in various domestic and international public sector environments by raising awareness of harassment, discrimination, human rights and workplace equity. She is also trained in and has been engaged with conflict resolution, workplace restoration and mediation in public K - 12 education and post - secondary teaching, learning and working environments. These environments have provided an opportunity to apply and expand her academic analysis of intersectionality and its impact on the attainment of equitable outcomes on the basis of race, gender, gender identity and disability identities, amongst others. 

Jewel has worked with the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone to build the capacity of NGOs and national institutions in the protection and promotion of human rights.  In addition, her work with the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation in Malawi and the Centre for Applied Social Sciences in Namibia presented opportunities to advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights, good governance and gender equality, as well as provide advice on matters of gender equality and legislative reform.  Jewel is committed to research, advocacy and activism to inspire and produce systemic change, enhance access to justice , and the full enjoyment of rights.

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