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Melany A. Bleue

Melany Bleue (Melany) is a Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public in Ontario .

She earned an LL.B . from the University of Birmingham Law School, United

Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts - Medical/Biological Anthropology, Bioethics

and Ethics Society and Law from the University of Toronto.

Melany is an Investigator with the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc. (MIT)

conducting workplace investigations involving discrimination, harassment and

workplace violence (including intersecting issues of anti - Black racism, anti-Black systemic discrimination, sex, gender, and gender identity, workplace sexual harassment, disability and the duty to accommodate) pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act , Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act.  Melany has advanced knowledge and experience in the theory, interpretation, application and practice of human rights law, anti-

discrimination and harassment legislations and policies, and the purpose and application of internal organizational workplace policies, and collective agreements.  

Melany also has over 20 years of hospital administrative experience in various hospitals, medical clinics, and licensed diagnostic laboratories throughout the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She currently practices Human Rights, Employment and Mental - Health law as a sole practitioner in Toronto.  She has provided workplace discrimination and harassment investigation services to

both public and private sectors within large and multi-faceted institutions and organizations . As a human rights practitioner, investigator and as a person, Melany is dedicated and passionate about social justice and advancing and promoting human rights, diversity and equality for all. In her human rights practice, she is guided by the principles of due process and procedural fairness.  As such , she conducts impartial, objective and bias-free investigations with good judgment, integrity and discretion.

Melany ’ s volunteering experience s at the Canadian Center for Victims of Torture, her support of an orphanage for vulnerable children in Uganda, Africa, her active membership in Toronto ’ s Law , the Mental Disorder Association , and empaneled membership on the Legal Aid Consent and Cap acit y Board of Ontario, demonstrate her social commitment to her local and international community


Melany possesses excellent oral and written communication and analytical investigation skills.

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