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MIT specializes in human rights and the development of anti-discrimination, anti-racism, respectful, equity, diversity, inclusion and harassment policies. Informed by evidence-based research and updated practices, we assist organizations, institutions and companies to address human rights and other issues relating to Canadian and provincial laws.  We customize our services to address the unique needs of our clients.  Below is a brief description of the services we offer.


Mediation is an intervention process designed and conducted to achieve mutually agreeable solutions between parties.  This alternative form of dispute resolution is offered to resolve conflicts in modern-day workplaces, institutions, organizations and workplaces.  MIT provides your institution, organization and company with mediation results-oriented expertise, skills and techniques to resolve a wide range of disputes and conflicts.


Human rights and labour laws protect all persons from discrimination and harassment in Canada based on factors such as race, ethnic origin, place of origin, language, family status, sex, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, disability and so on.  Discrimination and harassment occur irrespective of human rights frameworks and other laws.  MIT’s investigators, consultants and associates provide your organization, institution and company with the expertise to effectively and satisfactorily address these issues.  


Human rights and labour laws protect all employees in the workplace.  MIT delivers training enabling organizational leaders, managers and employees to become knowledgeable about discrimination, harassment and violence in workplaces and their mutual obligations under these laws to prevent and effectively address these issues.

MIT also conducts workshops and training for your institution, organization or company - virtually and in-person. 

Workplace Reviews

Workplace reviews are essential for getting at the root causes of discrimination, harassment and workplace violence in your institution, organization and company.  Through MIT’s workplace reviews, we provide solutions to your institution, organization and company to comply with human rights and labour laws, resulting in an inclusive workplace for all.

Policy Review and Development

MIT’s consultants and experts are skilled in the review and development of policies.  We review existing human rights policies resulting in the implementation of an updated internal human rights complaint resolution mechanism.  Our reviews include recommended changes to your institution’s organization’s or company’s existing policies or the development of new anti- discrimination and harassment policies, processes and procedures.  We also educate organizational leaders, managers and employees about contravening Canadian and Provincial workplace laws.

Performance Management

MIT applies its expertise and experience in the development of models to improve, enhance or manage performance issues in workplaces.  MIT believes that the key driver in any successful performance management scheme is the application of updated and relevant policies, processes and practices to support business strategies and goals. It is about ensuring that your resources are used to maximize optimum performance.

Developing Coaching & Training Programs

MIT assists institutions, organizations and companies to develop performance improvement workplace cultures by developing, training and coaching personnel to develop their skills and expertise – remaining current in practices.  We tailor our services to address your specific and unique needs.


Research is crucial in the identification of workplace issues and challenges.  MIT customizes research projects to meet your operational needs, including the provision of a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations.

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